• Is IndVision a standardized product?

    IndVision is a standardized product with strong universality, which can directly annotate, train, and test samples based on image samples provided by users. At the same time, technical personnel can customize solutions based on the specific needs of users in different industries.

  • What are the advantages of IndVision compared to other software?

    Fast algorithm speed; The sample size requirement is small, and it can also be used for situations with limited defect data; Support non supervised learning, and only positive sample data can be trained; High detection accuracy and precise identification of small defects.

  • Is there a format limit for image samples?

    The image format is unrestricted and supports 2D/3D images, basically covering all image formats, such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc.

  • What graphics cards does IndVision support?

    Currently, it can support independent graphics cards with NVIDIA computing power of 6.0 (SM60) or above.